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The kids walk to raise money for school programs and earn prizes along the way as they reach lap milestones.  They can take breaks at any time to play carnival games, enjoy a snack, and bid at the kids' raffle. As always, there will be lots of great food and a DJ setting an upbeat, festive atmosphere.


6:30 AM Set-up begins 

7:30 AM Breakfast goes on sale (coffee / donuts) 

8:00 AM Walk-A-Thon Registration opens in Room 20, Art Room 

8:30 AM Hot breakfast opens 

8:30 AM Kids’ Raffle opens 

8:45 AM Warm-ups in front of the GLC; walkers assemble, look for your teacher(s)!

9:00 AM Walk-A-Thon starts! First lap led by Monte & classes walk together with teachers

9:15 AM Silent Auction opens in GLC 

10:00 AM Kids’ Activities open

10.00 AM Fire Truck Arrives!

10:30 AM Snack booths open 

11:30 AM Lunch booths open 

11:30 AM Kids’ Raffle drawings commence (every 30 minutes, final at 1:30 pm) 

12.00PM Fire Truck Departs


1:15 PM GREEN tables close (Travel Getaways & Other Goodies) 

1:30 PM YELLOW tables close (Teachers & Staff) 

1:45 PM ORANGE tables close (Experiences) 

2:00 PM RED tables close (Parties, Grade Projects) 


2:00 PM Silent Auction closes & all guests must exit GLC 

2:00 PM Tech Raffle winners announced 

2:00 PM Food booths close 

2:00 PM Final lap led by Monte 

2:00 PM Walkers return lap cards to Registration in Room 20, Art Room (until 2:30PM)

2:00 PM To-Go food for sale begins (first come, first served!) 

2:30 PM Kids’ Activities close 

2:30 PM Clean up begins – many hands make light work! 




Sponsors: Students raise money by obtaining sponsors for their participation in the Walk-A-Thon. Students are encouraged to ask neighbors, friends and relatives to sponsor them at the Walk-A-Thon for a lump sum amount. Students collect contributions via their unique fundraising webpage on CharityWeb.Org. Contributions must be received by Friday, April 14th, at 3:00 PM ("Deadline")

 in order for the student and his/her class to be eligible for awards. Any corporate matching funds collected by the student will count towards the student's contributions if an email message containing: 1) student name; 2) institution name; and 3) $ amount is received by by the Deadline. MPTO cannot accept cash or check, and parents are

asked to pay all sponsorship donations online at CharityWeb.Org.

Registration, Walking and Lap Cards: Registration opens at 8:00 AM on event day in Room 20. Walkers must have a signed online permission slip on file or turn in a copy on event day to participate. After a warm-up session, walking starts at 9:00 AM. The start is organized by grade level, so encourage your child(ren) to find their teacher before or during warm-ups.


Lap cards are punched once for each lap walked. Walking ends at 2:00 PM. Walkers wearing a 2023 Walk-A-Thon T-shirt get a free lap punch on their lap card. The maximum number of laps a student can walk at each grade level is as follows: 40 laps for TK; Kindergarteners; 50 laps for 1st–3rd Graders; 60 laps for 4th–5th Graders. Extra laps (1) will only be permitted with a guardian signature; and (2) are only for a walker’s personal enjoyment and are NOT counted for prizes or sponsorships.

Leaving Campus/Check Out: Walkers must return their lap cards to Registration at the end of the day. If a walker must leave campus during the day, his/ her lap card should be turned into Registration. The walker may return later to retrieve their lap card and resume


Guest Walkers: Siblings, alumni and friends are welcome to walk and win lap prizes. Guest walkers must submit a signed permission slip and make a minimum contribution of $25 to register and receive a lap card.

Can’t Make the Event?: A student can still help his/her class achieve 100% participation by turning in a sponsor card with a minimum

contribution of $25.



Lap Prizes and Tickets: Walkers earn prizes when they reach specific lap count levels. Lap cards and their corresponding prize levels differ by grade level. Lap Prizes include small toys, food, drinks, and red tickets for a chance to win special prizes. Each walker also receives five free red tickets at Registration. These tickets can be used anywhere at the event that accepts red tickets as payment

(e.g., games, kids’ raffle, food).

Achievement Recognition: All walkers who walk the maximum number of laps in their grade level will receive an Achievement

Recognition Certificate (see above for details).


Incentive Prizes: Students will win incentive prizes based on the fundraising levels they reach.



Please review these rules carefully with your walker(s).

1. A student qualifies as a Walk-A-Thon participant by either (a) registering and turning in a lap card with five lap card punches or (b) submitting a sponsor envelope with contributions of at least $25 by the deadline.

2. Lap prizes are awarded only to walkers with a valid lap card. Guest walkers must register and make a contribution of at least $25 to receive a lap card. Laps walked by guests do not count toward any student or class awards.

3. All walkers (including guests) must provide a signed permission slip. Additional permission slips are available at Registration.

4. Walkers must walk each lap, though special arrangements may be made for physically challenged students; please contact the WAT Chair for details.

5. Walking officially ends at 2:00 PM when Monte steps over the finish line. Laps completed after that time cannot be counted.

6. Volunteers and course markers will help the walkers stay on the official course. Students cheating or breaking rules will lose walking privileges and will not be eligible to win awards or raffle drawings.

7. In the event of any dispute regarding interpretation or enforcement of the rules, the decision of the WAT Chair will be final. 



Dress Appropriately: The event takes place rain or shine. Walkers should wear comfortable, weather-appropriate attire. Depending on the weather forecast, please bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, sweatshirts and/or rain gear. For safety reasons, umbrellas are not allowed on the course. Please have your walker wear comfortable walking shoes as foot discomfort is the most frequent First Aid issue at WATSA.

No Pets or Wheels: For safety reasons, pets are not allowed at WATSA. Similarly, scooters, skateboards, bicycles and heelies are not allowed. First Aid and Hydration: First Aid is available in Room 10 during WATSA. Known health issues that may affect a walker’s ability to participate must be reported to First Aid at the start of the event. Students should bring their own marked water containers and will be able to leave these on tables provided on the course. Parents are encouraged to monitor their students and make sure they drink enough water throughout the event.

Questions: Contact the WAT Chair, Donna at

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